Owner - Culinary Whizz

To grow up in Singapore is to know and love food. For most, this obsession stops at the act of eating. For Katherine Froggatt-Ong, good food is her whole life and founding Coriander Lime Kitchen is the culmination of her passion.

A passion nurtured from childhood, Katherine first learnt to pick and select fresh produce from weekly wet market outings with her mother. At home, her food knowledge grew watching her mum experiment with meals, never failing to turn out a healthy, delicious feast regardless of time or budget. Her interest in the cooking world flourished further when she chose a career path working with food magazines. It was here she took on a voluntary stint at a fine dining restaurant in Singapore to hone her culinary skills, and there met her husband, professional chef Paul Froggatt, executive chef of Taupo luxury lodge Huka Lodge and member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux and Les Grandes Tables du Monde.

At Coriander Lime Kitchen, Katherine’s mission is to provide cooking lessons to young and old, inspiring them to create fresh meals with the best locally-sourced produce.

As a proud Singaporean she also hopes to share a part of Singapore’s inimitable food culture and contribute towards its growing importance on the global world food stage.

My Inspiration


“She is the first person who taught me about appreciating food. I remember fondly how she used to include me in all her prep in the kitchen for homemade meals and how she used to always encourage me to be curious and try new dishes when we ate out. It is because of her that my career in food started and for that I am forever grateful.”


Executive Chef (Huka Lodge)

“My food magazine days led me to meeting my husband Paul. We met in Singapore through friends who are restaurateurs and Paul was the Chef de Cuisine. You can imagine the type of conversations we used to have into the wee hours of the morning and it was always about something edible.”


“Since becoming a mum, my attitude towards food has become even more important for us as a family. Driven by the notion of “Let Food be Thy Medicine” according to Hippocrates, I know it is important to make wiser choices towards selecting ingredients and to get creative with meal planning.”