Coriander Lime Kitchen hits the road!

Foodie Trip to Malaysia: August 2017

2 days into arriving to Singapore, Coriander Lime Kitchen hits the road and we made our way into Johor Bahru for a foodie trip with friends who, similar to us have a ferocious appetite and they sure planned an exciting feasting itinerary for us!

  As soon as we got across the causeway, we went straight to the most popular Nasi Lemak stall and i mean its a stall that is pitched up with a tarpaulin in the middle of a carpark across from a cemetery but man it was packed and by the time we arrived, the chicken was down to the last 4 pieces.  In Malaysia, Nasi Lemak which literally means “Rice cooked in coconut” it is usually eaten as a breakfast so its no surprise here that they usually sell out by 11am!  We ordered 2 pieces of chicken with a fried egg, coconut rice and a generous serving of sambal.  On first bite of the chicken, i knew i had to get pally with the lady boss and sus out the preparation method as this is simply the best fried chicken I have had in ages!  My Malay is non-existant so i asked my friend Jing to help charm the puan makcik (lady boss in Malay) but she was tight lipped!  Only sharing that she uses a rempah for the chicken and that is it!  Pretty much no tips but no surprises there, she wants me to come back everyday for her divine fried chicken and I would if i lived in JB.

After that we went straight for a coffee fix at Replacement Lodge & Kitchen.  They are possibly the only cafe in JB that makes western style coffee and we could have our Piccolo Latte and it was delicious.  Next up, off to my favourite noodles, Wantan Noodles with char siew at Ho Seng Kee Fresh homemade wanton noodles does it so well.  The noodles are freshly made everyday in-house and it has a beautiful texture and elasticity to it none of that soggy sticky textured noodles.  Add chilli and touch of vinegar to it paired with thinly sliced char siew pork “Cantonese style BBQ Pork” and pork & prawn wantons “dumpling”, it is heaven in a bowl!

I had to reign myself in from eating too much since we already planned our next makan “eating” destination.  Bak Kut Teh which is a herbal pork ribs soup thats been slow cooked for hours and the meat is tender and are falling off the bone.  The Malaysians and Singaporeans have their own version of this delightful pork ribs soup.  Singaporeans love it quite peppery and the Malaysians like theirs herbal.  Personally the herbal version is my favourite whereas my husband likes the peppery version.  There are many shops selling Bak Kut Teh but this time we chose Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh. They cook their soup over charcoal and is served in a claypot which is still bubbling hot when it gets to your table, whetting your appetite even before you dunk your spoon into the soup.  Another must-order is the pork trotters stew in dark soy plus a side dish of pickled lettuce cooked in a garlic broth.

At this point, after the last couple of hours of gluttony, we thought best that we walked off our food in order to continue with dinner which wasin exactly 2 hours before heading back to Singapore……