08 October 2017

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Fried Rice

Fried Rice with Little Cooks

One of the most important mission at Coriander Lime Kitchen is to work with children in the kitchen and introducing them to new flavours from Asia and to inspire them to recreate the dishes we teach at home.

We thought to kick off our first Little Cooks class with Fried rice which is not only a staple in Singapore but is also a favourite to many children especially Katherine’s kids, Ethan and Charlotte.

The kids arrived and got suited up in our specially designed Coriander Lime Kitchen Little Cooks aprons and they were all so eager to get their hands dirty which was just amazing to watch!  We selected fresh beans, carrots, coriander, spring onion, free-range eggs, corn and ham as ingredients to our Fried Rice, piling up on heaps of vegetables as the focus of the dish and when it comes to eating they all devoured it vegetables included!

We are so stoked and proud of all of them, not only did they work hard and learnt a new skill but they also all worked very well together, sharing the equipments ever so patiently.

As part of our class, we also packed a special bag of seeds for them to take home with them and plant in the garden.  This class we selected Kings Seeds’ coriander seeds and French haricot beans seeds as we used both these vegetables in our class.  We hope they will sow them in their garden, feed it and harvest them and create dishes at home using these homegrown produce!

We look forward to our next session where we learn to make Sushi!  Check our calendar for more information about our next Little Cooks class coming up!

Here are some pictures of our Little Cooks hard at work.