Sushi Making Class

Sushi Making class with Little Cooks

We thought it would be an awesome idea for the kids to learn all about sushi at a Little Cooks Sushi Making Class. 

Sushi is a favourite among the young and old in Taupo and we are lucky to have really amazing Japanese sushi shops in Taupo, our favourite is Suncourt Sushi on Tamamutu St Taupo.  Others include the newest Tokyo Sushi on Ruapehu Street Taupo.

The class was held during the 2nd week of Term break in Taupo!  We had a group of very enthusiastic children along with their amazing parents & Nana who all love sushi and came to learn how to make it.  We had 2 choices of rice:  White and Brown sushi rice that has been marinated with homemade sushi rice marinade.  We also prepared a variety of fillings:  tuna mayonnaise, grilled Teriyaki chicken, Chipotle corn, fresh cucumber, avocado, crabmeat and roasted peppers.  The kids got right into it almost like fish to water and managed to make beautiful rolled (Maki) sushi using either the bamboo mat and plastic sushi mold roller.